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Affiliate Marketing – Best Source Of Passive Income

I have Discussed about Affiliate Marketing for beginners . In First Step , I Have Explained about the basic details of Affiliate Marketing . So , Before Getting started let me tell you something about myself and my experience in Affiliate . It Can Prove to be a very Good Way to Make Money Online . 

I am a YouTuber and my age is 16 . I have been doing Affiliate Marketing Since 1 Year . So , in this post I’ll be sharing my experience with You Guys !

So , Let’s Talk about the basic details of Affiliate Marketing . 

1: Overview – What is Affiliate Marketing ? 

  • It is basically Earning Commission For Promoting the sale of Products of any Company . There are Many Different Platforms Where we Can Join Affiliate Program like Amazon Affiliateand Flipkart Affiliate Let me Explain it You by Giving an Example .

Suppose there is a Mobile Worth of Rs15,000 and your friend wants to buy it , so here comes the role of Affiliate Marketing . Now you have to Copy the Link of that Mobile and then make another link which will be affiliate Link . Now , when your Friend will buy that mobile from that affiliate link , you will get a certain amount of commission according to the Advertising Fee . Assume that the Commission on Mobile is 10% . So , You will get 1,500Rs just for the Sale of 1 Mobile . Isn’t it Interesting ? I am Providing you my Video on Affiliate Marketing on my Youtube Channel “Online Earners” so that You can Understand it More Easily .


So, Let’s Learn how to Start it !

Let’s Talk About The Basic Requirements To Start Affiliate Marketing . 

  1. A Good Landing Page with High amount of Traffic. It can be your Facebook Page , Instagram Page or Your YouTube Channel . [ Priority is Given to YouTube Channel ]
  2. Engaged Audience and followers who Trust You .
  3. You need the Power to Influence Someone so that you can promote the Sales of Particular Product .

Affiliate Marketing

2: How Do You Get Paid ?

  • Many Different Affiliate Programs have different rules and regulations for Payment but mostly when our Affiliate Earning Amount exceeds 2500Rs , We can receive the Payment . Most of the companies offer Gift Cards of their Website or We can also Transfer the Amount directly to our Bank .

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3: Scope of Affiliate Marketing in Future . 

  • So, You Guys might be thinking that what is the scope of Affiliate Marketing and how much we can earn from it ? So , let me tell you that the scope of Affiliate Marketing is Increasing Day by day . As People are Moving Towards the Online World , the scope is Increasing . So , its still not too Late to Start Affiliate Marketing . Many Youtubers Nowdays are Earning More Money from this Than Adsense . 

Scope of Affiliate Marketing

4: Buy Something From AMAZON OR FLIPKART :

Thanks For Reading . In Next Post , we will discuss about some other ways through which we can earn money Online . Till Then “Keep Learning Keep Earning” .



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