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Best Url Shortener to Earn Money Online . Best 3 highest Paying .

Are You Searching for the Best Way to Make Money Online ? Well , You are at Right Place then . Today , I will Tell You About Top 3 Best Url Shortener to Make Money . Before getting started let’s talk about URL Shortener Websites Working .

How URL Shortener Websites Work ?

URL Shortener is basically a site Which allows you to Shorten any Long URL ( It can be of anything like YouTube Video or any Website ) . Whenever Someone Opens that Short Link , that user will have to go through few seconds ad ( It can be of 5-10 Seconds ) . After that User is Redirected to Original Site .

How Will You Earn ?

Whenever Someone Clicks on your link , you will Earn Money . It is basically Earning and Distributing Process . The Owner Earn Money because of the ads placed in between and he gives some amount to his Users .

How Much Money Will You Get for 1000 Clicks ?

The Payout Rates of Different Websites Varies . On an Average You will Get Upto 3-8$ per 1000 Clicks in India and in USA , Australia or Canada , You can Even Earn Upto 28$ Per 1000 Clicks . The CPM Rates of Different Companies and Countries are Different .

How To Work In URL Shortener Website ?

  • First of all , Choose the Best Url Shortener Website for You .
  • Register on it . ( You Can Use Facebook or Google also )
  • Go to the “Dashboard” .
  • You have to Short the Desired Link .
  • Share it with Your friends or on your social media accounts .
  • Whenever Someone Clicks on Your Shorten Link , You will Earn Money and Your Balance will be Updated after some time .
  • The Amount of Money per 1000 Varies in Different Countries and Websites .
  • Now , You are all set to Make Money Online

Best Url Shortener

You know how these Companies Work and How much You Can Earn From these . Let’s Talk about 3 Best Url Shortener Websites .

All These Websites are genuine and 100% Legal .

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        1: rojkmao.com

This is one of the Best Url Shortener Website . It is developed by a well known YouTuber . So, You don’t need to worry about Payment Issues . You Will surely get the Payment .

Key Features :

  • Canada CPM – 28$ and India CPM – 5$ Per 1000 Clicks .
  • 20% Referral Earnings For Lifetime .
  • Payout Methods : PayTm , PayPal , Payza and Bank Transfer .
  • Minimum Payout : 2$ through Paytm , 5$ through PayPal and Payza and 25$ through Bank Transfer .
  • Quick Customer Support .

Join rojkmao now by Clicking here.

        2: oofly.in

This is also one of the Best Url Shortener Website . You will not get the Highest CPM Rates there but the Referral Commission and Payout is very Amazing .

Key Features :

  • Highest CPM (UK) – 8$ and India – 5$ Per 1000 Clicks .
  • 40% Referral Earnings For Lifetime .
  • Payment Methods : PayTm , PayPal , UPI and Bank Transfer .
  • Payout : 4$ through all methods .
  • Customer Support is Amazing .

Join oofly Now by Clicking here 

        3: 4shrink.com

It is again one of the Best Url Shortener Website to Make Money Online. This Website is also developed by a YouTuber . It is a New Website so you should start working on it now as there are many Opportunities Waiting for You .

Key Features :

  • Highest CPM (Australia) – 7$ and India – 4$ Per 1000 Clicks .
  • 25% Referral Earnings For Lifetime .
  • Payment Methods : Paytm , PhonePe , PayPal and Bank Transfer .
  • Minimum Payout : 1$ for Paytm , Paypal , PhonePe or Payza and 5$ For Bank Transfer .
  • One of the best Website in terms of Trust and Customer Support . You are Provided Mobile Number so that You can contact them if you face any problem .

Join 4shrink.com now by Clicking here.

How To Get Clicks On Shortened Links ?

You Might also be thinking that how should you get clicks on your Links ? The Answer is Social Media . You should Share Your Links on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or Whatsapp . Join some Big Facebook Groups with huge Audience in them . You will Easily Get Clicks .

Make Money from Short Links

Conclusion :

Finally , the major Question arises that on which Website you should work on ? So , I Will tell you this in Detail .

  • If You have good Social Network and You Can Refer Many People then You should try oofly.com as its Referral Commission is Amazing .
  • If You Can’t Refer Many People but can Derive Traffic from USA then You should try rojkmao.com
  • So , If You Want a Website with Instant Support and Good Referral Commission then You Should try 4shrink.com

This was all in this Article , In Next Article , I will be Telling you some More Interesting Ways through Which you will be able to Earn Money Online .

Till then , “Keep Learning , Keep Earning”

Thanks .



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