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How to create a YouTube channel . Tips to become YouTuber in 2020

YouTube is getting more famous day by day and everyone wants to create a YouTube channel and earn money from it . You must note that it is not easy to become a successful YouTuber and also it is not difficult as well . All you need is consistent efforts and a proper Strategy .

So , Today , I am going to tell you the basic requirements to create a YouTube Channel and Tips through which you can grow it very easily .

Before talking about the equipments , I am going to talk about other things which are more important than a good Camera or Lighting Setup .

Things Required to Create a Youtube Channel

Create a Youtube Channel

1: An Idea

It is one of the most important thing which you should consider before making a YouTube channel . You should know that on which topic you are going to create videos and what is going to be the core topic of your YouTube Channel . So , Before you Create a YouTube Channel , Make sure you have an idea or we can say Topic .

2: Mindset and Patience

Once you have selected the topic of your channel , You need to have a stable mindset and patience . Don’t think that you will post 4-5 Videos and become successful on YouTube . You have to be patient if you want to grow your channel . In some cases , It might take 2 months to grow and in some cases it might even take a year to grow .

Now , Let’s talk about the equipments which you need if you want to create a YouTube Channel in 2020 .

You should also note that having expensive equipments does not mean that your channel will be successful . It all depends on your Content as well as little bit on luck .

1: Camera

So , the first equipment is obviously a camera through which you will shoot your video . You can even create Screen recording videos but Facecam videos are always more engaging and interesting . Now , the question arises is that do you actually need a professional DSLR initially ? The answer is ‘Yes’ as well as ‘No’ . If you can afford a DSLR then go with it but if you can’t afford it then you can shoot video through your mobile phone . You must know that nowdays mobile cameras are also providing very good quality .

2: A decent Microphone

According to me , a decent Mic is more important than a good camera because Audience can once compromise on video quality but no one like to listen to horrible audio . So , You can buy a collar mic initially as it does not cost very high ( around 700-800Rs/10$ ) . For more information about collar microphones , You can read our this Article ( BEST MICROPHONE UNDER BUDGET )

Best Collar Mic Under 1000Rs

3: Tripod

Now , Once you have these things , The next step is to shoot videos and for that you need to have a Tripod or a stable stand where you can place your camera as no one likes shaky videos . The Tripod is also not very expensive . You can initially buy a basic tripod which only cost around 500-700Rs ( 7-10$ ) . Any alternative can also be used for tripod like a table or something else Buy Best Tripods

4: Lighting

Proper lighting is a very important aspect of shooting a good quality video but initially i don’t recommend you to buy a professional lighting setup as it is little costier . So , What is the option we have ? Natural lighting is the answer . You can use Natural lighting in initial days and make a good quality video but if you want to make videos indoor then you can make some LED lighting setups at home which are way cheaper than professional lights but it will serve somewhat same purpose for you . When You Create a Youtube channel , your main focus must be on improving your content regularly

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That’s all ! You only need these things to shoot your video but the last step is to edit the unwanted parts or add music and effects to make your video more attractive and for this you need a good editing software .

There are many free softwares available in the market that can help you in basic editing and once you have enough budget then you can even switch to professional editing softwares .

So , Initially you need these things only to publish your first video on YouTube . After some time you can switch to professional equipments and everything . But note that again , expensive equipments will not make your channel successful . Your Content is ‘King’ .

This was all for this article , I hope you are going to create a YouTube channel after this and best wishes from my side for your Youtube channel .

“Keep Learning , Keep Earning” .



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