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Digital Marketing Scope in India | What is the Future of Digital Marketing

Before we know the Digital Marketing scope in India, We must know that what is Digital Marketing actually. Only then we can understand its scope. So, First of all let’s understand what is Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing and it’s scope in India?

As we all know, It is a combination of two words i.e Digital and Marketing. Let’s understand the meaning of marketing first. Marketing is basically promoting or advertising our product or services through various means like TV Ads, Hoardings, Radio, Newspaper, etc. It is basically Traditional marketing and its scope is quite limited as compared to Digital Marketing.

The digital word states that the medium which we are using to promote our services is the Internet. It can be through Facebook ads, Instagram, Google, or Youtube as well. Digital Marketing Includes many other things as well which we will discuss in this article later on.

Digital Marketing scope

How to Learn Digital Marketing ?

First of all, you must understand that Digital Marketing is not something like which you learned today and you start earning from today only. Digital Marketing is basically a continuous process where you keep on learning new things daily and apply them for better results.

If you search on the internet, you will get many free and paid courses in digital marketing. Now it can be difficult for you to choose the right course for you.

Let me tell you that there are also offline classes in digital marketing. If there is an institute in your area of ​​digital marketing then you can go and study there. But if you want to learn online, you can learn from online courses.

Initially, I would like to recommend you that Youtube and Gooogle are best Platforms to learn anything. There is a lot of content available for free on these platforms and you should definitely learn from it and whenever you think that you are now capable of buying a paid course then you can purchase it.

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Components of Digital Marketing :

The basic components of Digital marketing are :

1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

3: E-mail Marketing

4: Content Management

5: Paid Ads

6: Analytics

Digital Marketing Scope in India :

As I told you that there is no particular limit on learning Digital Marketing and also there is no limit of scope as well. There are tons of jobs available in this field and also you can start your own business. As the Digital field is growing day by day in India and many businesses are going digital, you can easily understand that what is the scope of Digital Marketing in India.

Let me tell you one thing that hardly 60% population of the world is using the Internet and merely 20-30% of businesses in India are using digital means for advertising.

Here are a few things which you can do on your own once you learn digital marketing. The scope of Digital marketing in India is very huge currently as there is huge potential in our country.

1. Start a Website : 

You can open a blog of your own and make good money from it and when you know the simple strategies of digital marketing, then you can easily grow your blog.

You can earn money with Google Adsense on your blog or by affiliate link or by paid promotions. The scope of earning through your own website is actually unlimited. The more traffic you derive to your website, the more you will earn. Now, you might be confused that how Digital Marketing is going to help you to earn through your blog, It is simple. Once you learn Digital Marketing, you will get knowledge about SEO, google ads, Facebook ads, E-mail marketing, etc. So, once you have knowledge about these then you can easily grow your blog by using these ways.

2. Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. As you know how much E-Commerce industry is growing and people are shopping online so when your articles rank then you can post affiliate links of the type of product according to your article and whenever someone buys through that link, you will earn a commission . So you can think that the more traffic you have, the more you can earn through blog.

You can start affiliate marketing by joining the affiliate program of Amazon and later on you can also switch to hosting or domain websites affiliate as they provide very good commission.

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3. Become a YouTuber

You can also become a full time or part-time YouTuber and you can earn money once you have good subscribers and views on your channel and can use your digital marketing skills on Youtube and it will help you to rank your Youtube videos and also you can easily optimize your videos. Later you can also run ads on your videos and it will help you to gain additional views.

4. Start your own agency

When you become an expert in digital marketing, you can also open your own agency. You can open a digital marketing company and handle the business of others. Now even a small company is bringing itself online, so you can also earn from small businesses. 

5. Freelancing Services

You can earn money by freelancing while sitting at home and if you work for the company of Out of India, you will get a lot of money. If you are not getting freelancing work, then you can work for some time for free, then they will definitely give you work. If you search on Google, you will see many freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Jobs in Digital Marketing :

If you want to do a job in doing digital marketing field then you have a lot of options. Let’s talk about which jobs you can get in digital marketing. 

1: Digital marketing intern 

2: Digital marketing executive 

3: SEO Executive 

4: Link Building specialist 

5: Social media specialist 

6: Google Ads specialist 

7: Email marketing specialist 

8: Web Analyst 

9:Online reputation executive 

10: Content marketing executive 

11: Digital marketing strategist 

12: Digital marketing manager 

13:Social media manager 

14: Digital Marketing Head 

15: Paid Advertising manager 

16: Digital Branding Head 

One more question is that how much salary will you get in these jobs? Let me tell you that the salary varies a lot. It all depends on your skills. No one is going to pay you on the basis of the number of courses you have done or the training you have taken. All that matters is what you can provide them at that point. How much response you can provide to them. But still the basic salary in a decent Digital marketing company can be around Rs 2 Lakhs.

For more information on scope of Digital Marketing in India, you can watch this video .



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