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Earn Bitcoins For Free in 2019 . 3 Best Apps/Websites to Make Money

Want to Earn Bitcoins ?

Bitcoin is one of the Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency these days and Many People who know how to earn Profit out of it are already Earning and therefore You must also start it . Today , I am Going to show you 3 Best apps and Websites which You can use to Earn Bitcoins for Free in 2019 .

First of all , Let me tell You Some Stats Related to Bitcoins that will Probably Motivate you to Earn Bitcoins from Today only .

Earn Bitcoins

This is the current price of Bitcoin when i am writting this article . The price before 2 Months was around Rs.2,20,000 and now it’s almost Touching 5Lakh Rupees . Therefore It is not Late to Earn Bitcoins Even Today .

1: Flying Coin

Flying Coin

Flying Coin is a Free application which you can use to Earn Bitcoins for free in 2019 . Also , It is a new application and is also paying very good . Hence , You can use this app to Earn Bitcoins easily .

Main Features :

1: Easy and Free to Play .

2: No Limit on Daily Earning .

3: Easy Withdrawal System .

4: No Need of any type of Verification .

5: Good Refer & Earn System also .

DOWNLOAD NOW : http://bit.ly/2JvkvTC

How to Register ?

  • First of all , You Need a Coinbase Wallet to Earn Bitcoins from this app . Hence , You will Receive all your Payments in Coinbase Wallet Only .
  • Learn How to Create Coinbase Wallet by Clicking Here .
  • After creating a Coinbase wallet , Open the Flying Coin app and You will see a page Like this .
  • Furthermore , in First Box , Fill the e-mail address you used while registering in Coinbase .
  • In Second Box , Fill e-mail — [email protected]
  • Finally , You are all set to Earn Bitcoins from this app for free .

How to Play ?

  • You Just have to Play a simple game like this and on Crossing Each Obstacle , You will get 5 Coins .
  • You Can also Play Unlimited Times .

How to Withdraw and Refer ?

  • There is no Option to Withdraw Bitcoins Manually in this app . All Your Earned Bitcoins will automatically be Transferred to Your Coinbase Wallet daily ( You must have minimum 5000 Coins in order to Receive Bitcoins Daily )
  • Refer & Earn Option is also very good in this app . Your Friend has to Fill your Coinbase e-mail as Referrence Person in Second Box and When he Reaches 10,000 Points , You will Get 10,000 Coins for Free !

Therefore , We Can Say that this app is Very Good as well as easy to Earn Bitcoins and to Make Money Online in 2019 .

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2: FreeBitco.in

Similarly , This is also one of the Best and Trusted website to Earn free cryptocurrency . I am using this website for a long time and as a result I have earned a lot of Bitcoins from this .

Main Features :

1: Very Simple registeration Process .

2: There are lot of ways in this Website to earn BTC .

3: Lifetime Referral System .

4: Easy withdrawals .

5: Longterm and 100% Trusted .

JOIN NOW : https://freebitco.in/?r=10644771

You can register on this website just by Email and there are no any other verifications need to be done .

How to Play ?

There are many Options to earn Bitcoins from this website like Free BTC , Multiply BTC , Lottery etc.

a) In “Free BTC” You can earn without any investment . You have to come to this section every 1 hour and you get a free chance to Roll and after rolling You Earn Free Bitcoins . Isn’t it Cool ?

b) In “Multiply BTC” you can earn a lot of Bitcoins but you can even lose all of your Bitcoins . You have to stake some Bitcoins and then predict that the next number is going to be higher than a mentioned Number or lower than it . If you predict it correct , You win double or more Bitcoins and if you predict wrong then you lose all staked bitcoins .

NOTE : My Personal Recommendation is that you must try this option very carefully as you can lose all of your Bitcoins .

c) Likewise , the third method is Lottery . As the name implies , You can earn free bitcoins through this method just by participating in Weekly Lotteries . You can also earn Bitcoins Worth Rs1Lakh if you are lucky enough . You can earn Chances of lottery by Participating in “Free BTC” .

This is the amount of Bitcoins which you can earn through Lottery . Note that Lottery Prizes are Given to Only 10 Random People .

Payment Proof :

This is the payment proof of FreeBitco Website . I had withdrawn Bitcoins many Times from this website as you can see in the above pciture .

Withdrawal and Referral System ?

  • There are 2 Methods to Withdraw Bitcoins from this website – Slow and Instant . In Slow Method , You will get Your Bitcoins within 6-24hours and in Instant You will Receive them almost Instantly . But , the major difference is Transaction fee , In slow it is very less whereas in Instant method , It is Quite high .
  • Talking about refer and earn , You will earn Lifetime Commission of 50% of Earning of your friend on “Free Btc” and 0.40% of the “Multiply Btc” Bet . You can check whole Plan in Below Image .

At the end , This website is best if you seriously want to Earn Bitcoins as there are many different ways to earn from this website .

I have already made a deciated Video of this website on my Youtube Channel . So , If you want to know more about it , You can check out this Video .

3: Ethercrane

It is also a free faucet website to earn cryptocurrency . In this website , You have to only come and claim your Bitcoins , Nothing else you have to do , isn’t it easy ?

Features :

1: You can earn Bitcoin , Ethereum as well as Litecoins .

2: Simple and easy to use .

3: Trusted and Reliable .

4: Pays in Wallets as well like Payeer , Webmoney etc.

5: Quick Payouts .

JOIN NOW : https://ethercrane.com?ref=AkshatM

Registeration Process is quite similar to that of Freebitco . You can use your email address to sign up on this website .

How to Use ?

There are almost 5-6 Different options to choose from . You can earn through Bitcoin Bonus option or Ethereum Bonus etc. Simply Open it and Click on Option “Get Bitcoins” and You will Earn Random Bitcoins .

The Process of earning is same in all other methods .

Withdrawal and Refer ?

  • You Can withdraw your earnings to Payeer Wallet , Webmoney wallet and also to your Bitcoins , Ethereum and Litecoin wallet .
  • The Minimum Withdrawal for Bitcoin is 50,000 Satoshis .

Now , Talking about Refer and Earn . You will earn 25% Commission of Earning of Your Friend . Besides it You also get additional Bonuses on 50,100,250 and Even More Referrals .

I had also made a dedicated video on this website . So , You can checkout the Video by Clicking here .

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Conclusion :

So , this was all for this article and You can use these websites to Earn Bitcoins because all these websites are Real , Legit , Long term and above all these all are free to use . So, If you have any doubts , You can Comment down below .

Thanks for Reading … Keep Learning , Keep Earning !



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