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Free Bitcoins Earning Websites | 2 Best websites to get bitcoins Instantly

Bitcoin is one of the leading cryptocurreny and guess what now you can earn free bitcoins just by using the websites which i am going to tell you today . These are one of the best websites and here you can get free bitcoins Instatnly .

Free bitcoins

Free Bitcoins Earning Websites :

Let me tell you that here ‘free‘ doesn’t only mean that you don’t need to invest anything but it also means that you don’t even need to work much . You can earn free bitcoins very easily by using these websites . So , Let’s talk about these websites in detail .

1: Slickbit

It is a cloud mining website that allows users to mine Free bitcoins without any hardware or expensive equipments . You just need to register yourself on this website and you can start earning free bitcoins .

How to Start Earning ?

  1. First of all , Register using the above link .
  2. Once you register yourself on the website , your earning will start .
  3. You don’t have to do something once you sign up .
  4. Initially you get 100 hash per second power and you can also increase it by purchasing power and earn additional free bitcoins .

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free earning plan

Note that you don’t need to keep the website open in the background . The only thing you have to do is just register and enjoy your free bitcoins Instantly .

Bitcoin Earning in free plan :

You can keep earning through their free plan as long as you want and you can also invest to earn more free bitcoins . Let me tell you about the earnings in free plan .

You can also upgrade your plan and then you will definitely earn more bitcoins for free .

Refer and Earn Bitcoins :

You can also earn by referring your friends and family . There are 3 levels of refer income in this website but you must note that you will only get referral commission if your friend buys a plan in this website i.e increase his hash power . If he does not invest anything and keep earning for free then you will not get any commission .

I am providing you the affiliate commissions of this website here :

Refer and earn free bitcoins

How to withdraw your bitcoins ?

  • The withdrawal process of this website is very simple .
  • You need to have minimum 0.00035 btc then you can withdraw them .
  • You will get your withdrawal within an hour .

That’s all for Stickbit website . Let me explain you about the second website and then we will conclude this article .

2: Mininglabs

Mining labs is also a mining website through which you can easily mine free bitcoins instantly .

Start Earning by clicking here ↓↓↓↓

Earning Process :

  • The earning process in mining labs is quite similar to Slickbit .
  • There is only one change that in this website you have to collect your bitcoins after every 4 hours else you will not get any money .
  • In slickbit , you just need to register once and your earning starts but here you need to come after every 4 hours and collect bitcoins manually .
  • You will get 200 Satoshis after every 4 hours .

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Once this meter fills upto 100% , you can collect your free bitcoins . Just like Slickbit , you don’t need to keep this website open in the background .

This website also have different paid plans through which you can increase your earning . Let me tell you about those plans as well .

These are some of the plans which you can buy and start earning more free bitcoins .

Referral System :

  • The Referral system of this website is better than slickbit as it offers direct commission on even free plan of your friend .
  • Whatever earning your friend do , you will get 10% of it .
  • So , If you have a good network then you can definitely try this website .

Withdrawal Process :

  • Minimum Withdrawal limit is 0.0005 BTC .
  • Before withdrawal , you need to fill your bitcoin address in profile section .
  • It can take some hours to receive the funds as it depends on the traffic at that time .

Conclusion :

So , That’s all for these 2 free bitcoin earning websites . I hope you guys liked the article . Let me conclude in few words . So , if you want to do 100% self earning then you can try Slickbit but if you have a good network and can refer many users then you can also try Mininglabs . Although both websites are good to earn free bitcoins Instantly .

For more Detailed Information , You can watch my this video .

I will come up with a new article very soon . Till then “Keep Learning , Keep Earning.”



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