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How To Make Money From Youtube ? Ways To Make Money Online


Online Earning is not a very big deal . If You Have Knowledge about Something then You Can Earn Money Online without any Problem . In this Article , I will Discuss about the Different Ways through which You can Make Money From YouTube .

How To Make Money From Youtube ? Ways To Make Money Online

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There are Many Ways Through Which You Can Make Money From Youtube . I Will Discuss About all of them Step by Step . Let’s Talk About the first and the Most Famous Way of Earning Income On Youtube .

        1: Adsense – YouTube Monetization 

It is basically the official way to Make Money From YouTube . Actually , in this , Advertisers place ads on our YouTube Videos and when people View them or click them , You Earn Money . There are Many Terms & Conditions To Get approved for Youtube Monetization or you can say Youtube Partner Program .

You Need To Complete These Thresholds First .

  •  At Least 1000 Subcribers in Past 12 Months .
  •  At Least 4,000 Hours of Watchtime on your all Videos Combined in Past 12 Months .

After Completing this Threshold , your YouTube Channel will automatically be reviewed and will be enabled for Monetization . You Can Place ads On Your Videos and Can Make Money From YouTube .

The Minimum Threshold To Receive Payment From Adsense is 100$ .

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Now , Let’s Talk about the Second Way .

        2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the major source of Earning for YouTubers . It is basically Earning Commission by Promoting the Sale of Products of Companies . There are many Websites where you can join Affiliate Programs like Flipkart Affiliate and Amazon Affiliate .

Learn Affiliate Marketing by Clicking Here .

The Basic Things Required to Start Affiliate Marketing are :

  • A good Landing Page . It can be Your Facebook , Instagram Page or Your Website or your YouTube Channel .
  • Engaging Audience who Trusts you and can help in Promoting the sale of particular company .

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Now , Let’s Talk about the Third Way .

        3: Sponsorships & Paid Promotions

It is Again One of the Best Source To Make Money From Youtube . Sponsorships are actually Making Paid Videos for Different Companies . It can be an App , Software or any Product Review . You Can Charge the Particular amount of money for making the video .

Note that You will not get any Sponsorship in initial days . If you have good reach and engaging audience only then you can get a good sponsorship .

You will be surprised to know that Many YouTubers Charge upto 500$-1000$ for 1 Sponsorship .

Note : Companies do check your Followers Engagement so make sure you keep modifying your comments and keep working on the feedbacks from your followers .

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Now, Let’s talk about the Fourth Way .

       4: Selling Your Own Merchandise

This way is becoming very popular among YouTubers nowdays . Many Youtubers are selling their own Merchandises . It can prove to be very Profitable for you as it includes very less investment but very huge profit .

You Can Print any of your Famous Dialogues or Your Unique Intros onto it .

Let’s Understand it by an Example .

Suppose , You are going to Print T-Shirts for Your Channel . Assume that the total Expense for the production of 1 T-Shirt is 250Rs . Now You can Sell it for Rs500 or even for 400 . Easily , You are Earning Profit of Rs250 for 1 T-Shirt.

Note: It Also Requires Huge Fan Following or Audience which is truly loyal to you Else no one will buy Your Merchandise .

Many YouTube Channels Like “BB Ki Vines” , UIC [ Ur Indian Consumer ] are selling their Merchandises and must be earning huge profits .

So, It can be a very good source of Income on Youtube

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        5: Conclusion

At the end of this Article , I can say that Youtube can Prove to be the “Tree of Money” for You . These all are basic Ways of Earning Money from Youtube but there are also many other Ways to Make Money From YouTube which I will Discuss in Some Other Article .

Till Then You Can Check Out my Youtube Channel Where You can Also find Various Ways Through Which You Can Earn Money Online .




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