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YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?

YouTube Vs Blogging | Which One is Best to Make Money Online in 2019 ?

Everyone Wants to Make Money Online but there are Lot of Factors Which Effect the Amount We Can Earn . YouTube and Blogging are two Most Famous Methods to Make Money Online . So , Today I am Going to tell You that which one is Best for You in 2019 .

What is YouTube ?

YouTube is a Social Platform where People Can Upload Videos and Earn Money through Different Ways . It means to Spread our Knowledge in the form of a Video. You don’t need to invest even a single penny before Starting a YouTube Channel . It is Totally Free .

What is Blogging ?

Blogging actually means to Present our Knowledge in a written Form . Note that You need to Invest a little Money before Starting a Blog ( around 2,000-3,000 Rs ) Blogging is also Becoming Famous among Indians in Recent Years

Today , I am Going to Compare YouTube and Blogging mainly on 5 Basis .

  1. Investment
  2. Working Period
  3. Earning
  4. Fame
  5. Risk of Success

1) Investment

First Point is obviously the amount of Money that we need to Invest While Starting a YouTube Channel or a Blog .

YouTube : In YouTube , You don’t need to Pay Even a Single Rupee while Creating a Channel but still there are some Gears that You should have if You Want to Shoot and Edit Videos . A Smartphone Can be a Very Good Choice at Initial Stage . So , We Can Say that there is almost zero Investment While Creating a YouTube Channel as Everyone have a Smartphone these Days .

Blogging : Talking about Blogging , It Requires a little Investment if You are really Serious about it . You can start a blog for free on ‘Blogger’ but it is Not Suitable for Long Time . First of all You Need a Laptop or PC as Writing Articles through Phone is a very Tough task . Secondly , You need to Purchase a Good Quality Hosting and Domain which will Together Cost You around 2000-2500Rs for First Time and Later on Yearly Renewal is Cheaper .

2) Working Period

Working Period Means for How long You need to Work on Your YouTube Channel or Blog to Start Generating Income from It .

YouTube : There is no doubt that you need to work hard if You want to get Success in Youtube but still it Can also happen that your 1st , 2nd or 3rdVideo Gets Viral but it happens in very rare cases . Thus , You Need to Work Harder as Well as Smarter for atleast 6 Months to Get Success in Youtube.

Blogging : Blogging Requires a lot of Patience as Your 1st or 2nd Article will not rank on Google . You need to work on your blog consistently for atleast 5-6 Months . Only then You will be able to generate some Revenue from your blog . Hence , We can say that Both Youtube and Blogging Needs Patience .

3) Earning

YouTube : To Start Earning Money from YouTube , You need atleast 1000 Subcribers and 4000 hours of Watchtime . But Still after Completing that threshold , You Don’t get a lot of Money . The Current rate in India is approximately 1$ for 3000-4000 Views . The Main Source of Earning on Youtube is through Sponsorships and Affiliate Marketing . Earning from Ads is Very Low on Youtube Compared to Blogging and in 2019 it is going to decrease at higher level as Creators are Increasing Day by Day .

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Blogging : The Revenue from Ads is Obviously higher in Blogging than YouTube . For Example : If we Get 5000 daily Views on Youtube then Our Revenue will be around 1-1.5$ but if we get 5000 Views on Blog then Our Revenue will be around 10$ in India . Thus , We can say that Income from Adsense in Blogging is 10X More than in YouTube .

4) Fame

If We Talk about Fame and Fan Following , Youtube has an Edge over blogging as Youtubers are More Famous than Bloggers . It is Due to Personal Engagement and We see Youtuber in a Video . Even if a Youtuber has 10,000 or Plus Subcribers , he has a Good Fan Base and Many People Know Him

But in Case of Blogging the Scenario is Bit Different . Even if You are Getting a lot of traffic daily but not many People Know You . People Just Visit to Your Blog , Read Articles and Go back . There is Lack of Personal Engagement in Blogging .

Hence , If You Want Fame and Fan Following then YouTube is Far Better Option than Blogging .

5) Risk Of Success

YouTube : As We all Know , Internet is Growing at Very Great Speed in India . Therefore , Competition on YouTube as Well in Blogging is Going to Increase Certainly . According to My Experience , ‘Uniqueness in Content’ and ‘Consistency’ is the Key to Success in Youtube . Still , There is No surity that if You Work on a Youtube Channel for 6 Months or More then You Will get Success . You can Even Face failure .

Blogging : Blogging also have Risk . There is no Gurantee that Your Posts will rank in Google . According to me , ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Patience’ is the key to Success in Blogging . Firstly , Gain Knowledge about Blogging then Work on it and Keep Patience and You will be Successful . But the Competition in Blogging is also Increasing very Fast . So , it is still not too late to Start Blogging .

Conclusion :

There is No Doubt that YouTube and Blogging are Best Methods to Make Money Online and Starting them in 2019 is Not a Bad Idea at all . My Suggestion to You is that Firstly You Should Try in YouTube and You Should Build a Good Audience there and After Some time You should Start Blogging Too and Can Derive Traffic to Your Blog through Your Youtube Channel . The Scope of YouTube and Blogging is Definitely Going to Increase in Upcoming Years !

So , This Was all for this Article . If You Found this Article helpful then don’t forget to Share it with Your Friends . I Will Come Back with Another Knowledgeable Article , Till then “Keep Learning , Keep Earning ”.



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